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Our Services

We provide full-service outfitted with the latest operating room equipment. It’s the place where surgeons, health care professionals and clinical research investigators learn new surgical procedures and may design, validate and test the next generation of medical devices. Our facilities offer the latest advancements in professional service, technology and equipment, making it an ideal setting for your customized event concept.

Integrated medical solutions


  • General & specific instrumentation

  • Specimen procurement

  • Lifelike fracture patterns for surgical training

  • Imaging solutions X-Ray - CT - 3D Scans - Segmentation

Infrastructure and services 


  • Auditorium & conference rooms

  • Audiovisual equipment & technical resources

  • Administrative support

  • Logistic services
    (national & international)

  • Media & marketing support

Event management

  • Shuttle & transportation services

  • Catering services

  • Accommodation / Lodging management services


Research and Education

Our Bioskills Lab provides clients and guests with full service planning and execution of training events, ensuring relaxed and engaged physicians through a professional, safe and comfortable training environment with innovative technology & services.

Enjoy our full-service planning through execution services that cover everything from general course logistics, specimen procurement, to audio-visual and technology needs, catering, hotel, transportation, compliance reporting and cost savings.

IBRA Institute Bioskills Labs are at the forefront of medical education and are equipped with the latest technology to keep pace with science and medical education. Labs can be fully customized to meet your specific needs using the latest equipment.  

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